Human Resources Management Software

What is HumanSoft?

HumanSoft is a Human Resources Management solution developed entirely on Microsoft’s most powerful low-code platform, Power Apps.

T he whole process starting from the recruitment of your employees, HumanSoft lets you design your own custom, but also the first to come with suggestions on the most efficient processes. Companies using HumanSoft can manage and follow the Employee Life Cycle more flexible and more effectively. HumanSoft has several modules in order to give you end-to-end Human Resources experiences. You can see overview of modules below, please go and click on the modules for more details.

  • Customizable forms and views
  • Data-driven business process flows
  • +300 integration endpoint
  • Built-in analytics with Power BI
  • Integrated job portal
  • Office 365 & Azure AD connected
  • Extensibility with Power Apps mobile app

Platform & Technology

HumanSoft is built on Microsoft Power Platform which give it’s flexibility against other solutions.

Customization with Power Apps

Anyone can create/edit form inside the solution without any need of development skillset. Power Apps brings all low-code advantages where any citizen developer inside the organization can add new tables or fields.

Integration with Power Automate

As we all know HR requires lots of customizable processes that can run and integrate with other systems. By using Power Automate you can achieve this as easy as drag’n drop with more than 300 connections. Integrations are not problem at all.

Analytics with Power BI

Whether you need simple Excel style report or holostic view of your entire data, CDS Analytics and Power BI can help you to build reports that brings value to your organization. You don’t need to be BI expert to understand the data structure.

Process Driven

Power Apps has it’s own business process engine which helps HR experts to create any process without technical knowledge. Theses processes are data-driven and easy to modify without any long deployment duration.

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