CRM for Pension & Life Insurance Companies

All marketing and customer relations are managed by Pension365 used Pension & Life Insurance industry professionals for more than 10 million customers.

What is Pension365?

Pension365 is an extension on Dynamics 365 Sales & Customer Service spesifically built for pension & life insurance companies. Pension365 is using Dynamics 365 powerful workflow and analytics capabilities in order to deliver seamless experience to customers for sales, marketing and call center purposes.

Who is it for?

Companies in pension & life insurance industry can use Pension365 in order to enhance their experience on Dynamics 365 Sales & Customer service modules.

As we all know, CRM is a key term for every each company. Pension365 is leveraging Dynamics 365 capabilities to reach and communicate with clients in a very easy way. It can be integrated into current systems and maintain easy to use interface to overcome complex scenarios.

It is fully compatible with Microsoft technologies, like Excel, where everybody knows how to use it, right?

Solution Details

Features and Advantages

Who Are Using?

Two companies on Pension & Life insurance industry are using Pension365 widely to maintain their sales & customer service processes.

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