Process Management in Collective Recruitment

While finding the correct employee for a vacant position is rather troublesome and takes a long time, it may even get more complicated if it needs to be a collective recruitment process.A very detailed and scrupulous Human Resources process run in collective recruitment cases is very crucial where several employees will be recruited for the [...]

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How Does Recruitment Efficiency and Time Management Reflect on Employee Performance?

Especially recently recruitment process has almost become a hurdle race. As number of candidated increase for a position, it has become as hard to filter them for recruitment. So, how does the elimination process which can sometimes may take months to conclude have and impact on employee performance? It takes a simple decision for a [...]

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How to Hold Your Most Successful Employee?

All companies would love to keep hold of their best employees with the objective to be “the most preferred institution”. Institutions constantly are in competition with their rivals due to such objective because talented and successful employees increase an institution’s value. When companies are in constant competition with each other, it is inevitable to [...]

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5 Attractive Future Trends in Human Resources

In the recent decade Human Resources started to undergo a significant change. With this change effective HR management has become an important issue for companies in the recent years. In line with recent developments institutions started to position innovation as a part of their organizational culture. Companies aiming to keep up with this change [...]

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How To Change the Game Rules with CRM in Sales Opportunity Management?

Sales teams need to have excellent command of basic sales principles to adapt sales habits. Sales teams usually waste time in details of an issue at hand rather than looking at the bigger picture. However the most important rule to achieve a succesful performance in good sales management is in direct proportion to the [...]

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How To Make Sure Your Sales Team Will Focus?

Corporate executives want their sales teams to be both customer and sales oriented. The expectation of executives at this point is not to have sales teams just to run sales but to manage sales processes correctly, how the available resources and data are utilized. It is required to manage the sales process correctly and [...]

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