In the recent decade Human Resources started to undergo a significant change. With this change effective HR management has become an important issue for companies in the recent years. In line with recent developments institutions started to position innovation as a part of their organizational culture. Companies aiming to keep up with this change follow new trends and developments closely.

In this new era companies are aware of the fact that the key to their success lies with their employees. In this regard, they attribute great importance to talent, leadership development and employment of correct candidates in correct positions. They prefer to take advantage of applications available in Human Resources arena to provide all of that.

As technology forges ahead especially with new convenient technologic advancements, it is expected to have a significant advancement in human resources field in the next 10 years. Trends emerging based on the studies held on the issue denote to the fact that it will become essential for companies to hold their human resources departments as their strategic business partners so that they can contribute to their business results. Employee commitment is another issue that companies should especialy consider and take action on. It has become valuable for institutions to manage onboarding and accustomization of employees in a fast and healthy manner; enhance company commitment and enable their fast adaptation. Companies have realized that utilizing softwware solutions developed for that purpose increase brand value too.

Two other rivetin issues in the new order are performance & talent management and data based management. Companies prefer to use customized software to accelerate the operational processes. All Human Resources Management processes can be easily followed up on computers and mobile devices thanks to HumanSoft software running on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Companies utilizing Humansoft platform can benefit from it in correct management of all human resources processes starting from job posting to candidate selection, recruitment, onboarding and all orientation processes as well as company employee performance tracking. Thanks to this software solution companies can station correct employees in the correct positions as well as running correct and fast HR management.

All corporate companies, firms, establishments and organizations with high number of employees, having employed HR experts and HR executives in their Human Resources Department that have established human resources management processes can utilize all beenfits provided by HumanSoft.